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Recipe: Scrumptious Black Bean and Chorizo Enchiladas

Recipe: Scrumptious Black Bean and Chorizo Enchiladas

Mandi August 15, 2011 3

I like my meals how most of you probably do – quick, easy and delicious. With the intention of saving money, I have been creating meals with things I happen to have lying around

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Easy Raw Lasagna

Mandi June 3, 2011 10

Beautiful raw food is always so daunting. It is full of mystery and oohs and aahs. We always admire it but rarely have the time to replicate it. However, this gorgeous, raw lasagna dish

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Make Your Own Summertime Granola

Mandi May 26, 2011 2

This is a guest recipe from Natalie over at Angst Loves Spinach. Homemade granola is always such a pleasant treat. Check out this delicious recipe for a tropical take on everyone’s favorite breakfast. Summertime

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Blueberry Cashew Cookie Bars ~ Vegan and Gluten Free

Allyson April 5, 2011 4

Blueberry Cashew Cookie Bars ~ Vegan and Gluten Free These cookie bars have a delicate cookie crumb and a subtle heartiness from the addition of chickpea flour. I’m personally a huge fan of chickpeas,

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All About Alkaline and a Delicious Appetizer

Mandi December 6, 2010 2

The amazing Julie from one of my new favorite sites, The Alkaline Sisters, has graciously agreed to share with us one of her simple yet delectable recipes, as well as a brief intro on

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MoFo Recap! Thanksgiving Fun and The Best of The Best

Mandi November 30, 2010 3

Sadly, today is the last day of Vegan MoFo. That means tomorrow starts the month of December. Umm.. where did 2010 go? It seems like it just started! Thanksgiving  Adventures Tofurky day ended up

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MoFo Monday! My Thanksgiving Menu

Mandi November 22, 2010 1

The past few years I have spent Thanksgiving with Doodlebug’s family and his mom graciously prepared Tofurky and other treats for me. However, this year we decided to stay at home and enjoy the

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Mofo Monday! Pumpkin Polenta and Faux Pho

Mandi November 15, 2010 3

My food adventures this past week were slightly more exciting than the week before. I managed to create my own recipe and also make breakfast! Hooray! I also managed to eat out a lot.

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MoFo Monday! Squash Alfredo and Mini Cheezecakes

Mandi November 8, 2010 5

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for some foodie fun. I haven’t done much in the way of cooking this past week, although I said I would.

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MoFo Monday and World Vegan Day!

Mandi November 1, 2010 10

Today is the best day of the year for any devoted vegan foodie. Not only is it World Vegan Day, but it is also the first day of Vegan MoFo (The Vegan Month of

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