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Happy Friday! Summer Lovin’ and A Raw Food Challenge

Mandi June 25, 2010 4

It has been a while since I’ve done a Happy Friday post. I’ve missed them!  Have you? Its summer! I’m adjusting to the super mild Pacific Northwestern summers. These 75 degree, humidity free and

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Happy Friday!

Mandi May 28, 2010 0

Hey cats and kittens… Friday is finally here! how was your week? What has been making your heart burst with excitement lately? I have finally been embracing the limitless possibilities of my new life

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Happy Friday! Bits of Happiness…

Mandi May 14, 2010 0

Hello my lovely readers (new and old).  What we have here is some serious link love and random bits of inspiration. Ya dig? My recent bits of happiness: Spring! Oh it’s here, its here!

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Happy Friday! Link Party!

Mandi April 30, 2010 2

Happy Friday, my lovely chickadees.  How was your Earth Day? I hope you spent it enjoying the beauty of our planet! (Lets actively try to not turn Earth Day into another consumer holiday!) My

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Happy Friday! Sharing Gratitude, Rawchos, and Earth Day Freebies!

Mandi April 16, 2010 0

As the weeks fly by faster and faster I find myself trying to grasp anything I can to slow myself down. Remember that concept of gratitude we had talked about before?  I’m finding myself

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Happy Friday! Sticky Nuts, Sexy Clogs, and Vegan Gladiators.

Mandi April 9, 2010 0

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you are enjoying the dawn of spring, complete with blooming flowers and warm breezes!  Take time out this weekend to enjoy the weather, and be thankful for the amazing

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Happy Friday! Spring Fever, Recipes Galore, and Saving Animals

Mandi April 1, 2010 0

Wow, we haven’t celebrated a Friday together in quite a bit, have we?  It has been a rocky few weeks but I am pleased to announce that I am semi-settled in my new home

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Happy Friday! Guest Bloggers Needed and Link Love

Mandi March 5, 2010 2

Happy Friday indeed! I hope everyone had a mind-explodingly exciting week. Mine was jam packed full of To-Do lists, an amazing Muse concert, my 3rd Avatar viewing,  and some serious packing. Can you believe

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Happy Friday! Fashion Week, A Big Move, and Link Party!

Mandi February 19, 2010 2

Hooray! It is finally the most coveted day of the week.   Did you have a fulfilling 7 days?  Or have the drab days of winter got you down?  Don’t worry, it’s almost over, I

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Happy Friday! Link Party and Raw Challenge Recap

Mandi February 5, 2010 3

Hey y’all! Hope you had a good week full of love and health! Here are some recaps and link love to get this weekend started off right. 30 Days of Raw Challenge: Week One

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