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I am an absolute dog lover.  My dog Sydney (pictured above) has been my loyal friend for almost 14 years.

Because of my love and respect for dogs, I was thrilled to learn that on January 20, 2012 the USPS released a series of  stamps honoring the bond and partnership between humans and dogs.  I think it is wonderful that our beloved pooches are getting some recognition by our nation for the wonderful beings that they are.

In a statement, the USPS said:

In today’s world, dogs are more than just best friends — frequently, they’re also superb coworkers. The U.S. Postal Service celebrates the enduring partnership between dogs and people with the Dogs at Work issuance. This set of four stamps depicts four hard-working canines: a guide dog assisting a woman who is blind, a tracking dog on the trail of a scent, a therapy dog visiting an elderly woman in her home, and a search and rescue dog standing in a field, ready to tackle the next assignment.

For thousands of years, dogs and humans have shared a special bond. While the earliest dogs helped human hunters bring home prey (Thankfully as VEGANS we do not participate in this activity), today’s pooches excel at a variety of jobs. Currently, some 10,000 guide dogs in the U.S. and Canada serve as an extra set of eyes for people who are blind. Therapy dogs, chosen for their friendly dispositions, bring comfort and joy to the elderly and the ill. Dogs that work with police and military personnel are trained to detect drugs, guns, and explosives. Search and rescue dogs speed up search efforts, increasing the odds of survival for disaster victims.

Artist John M. Thompson created original paintings for the stamps, which were designed by art director Howard E. Paine. The Dogs At Work stamps are being issued at a 65-cent denomination, which is the price for single-piece retail First-Class Mail weighing more than one ounce and up to and included two ounces.”

To purchase these stamps CLICK HERE.

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