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Happy Friday! Stuff I Love Right Now

Mandi January 21, 2011 4

Happy Friday, cats and kittens! I hope you had a beautiful, fulfilling week and are gearing up for an amazing weekend. Amidst the chaos of my life and doing things like starting my own

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Happy Friday! Catching Up and A Tempt Giveaway!

Mandi October 22, 2010 30

Win Lots of Hemp Goodies! Want some free hemp goodies? Living Harvest, a Portland-based company that makes delicious and nutritious products from hemp, has asked Chic Vegan to give away an awesome little package

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Happy Friday! Raw Food Recap!

Mandi August 6, 2010 4

Oh my, is it Friday again already? I’m happy to say I have been keeping up the habit of writing in my Happy Notebook everyday. Right now I am just using a Moleskine Cahier

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Happy Friday List of Happies!

Mandi July 30, 2010 4

Well, it appears that all the stress of moving and starting a new life has finally caught up with me. The past handful of days I have been suffering from what appears to be

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Happy Friday! Sharing Happies and Raw Food Prep!

Mandi July 16, 2010 3

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is enjoying their peak summer and relaxing in sunbeams every chance they get. As another week comes to a close, lets reflect on what has made us happy and

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Happy Friday!

Mandi May 28, 2010 0

Hey cats and kittens… Friday is finally here! how was your week? What has been making your heart burst with excitement lately? I have finally been embracing the limitless possibilities of my new life

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Happy Friday! Link Party!

Mandi April 30, 2010 2

Happy Friday, my lovely chickadees.  How was your Earth Day? I hope you spent it enjoying the beauty of our planet! (Lets actively try to not turn Earth Day into another consumer holiday!) My

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Happy Friday! Sharing Gratitude, Rawchos, and Earth Day Freebies!

Mandi April 16, 2010 0

As the weeks fly by faster and faster I find myself trying to grasp anything I can to slow myself down. Remember that concept of gratitude we had talked about before?  I’m finding myself

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Happy Friday! Spring Fever, Recipes Galore, and Saving Animals

Mandi April 1, 2010 0

Wow, we haven’t celebrated a Friday together in quite a bit, have we?  It has been a rocky few weeks but I am pleased to announce that I am semi-settled in my new home

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Happy Friday! Guest Bloggers Needed and Link Love

Mandi March 5, 2010 2

Happy Friday indeed! I hope everyone had a mind-explodingly exciting week. Mine was jam packed full of To-Do lists, an amazing Muse concert, my 3rd Avatar viewing,  and some serious packing. Can you believe

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