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I am fairly certain that most of you are familiar with Lightlife® and will be purchasing oodles of their products this coming Memorial Day weekend.  Now you can feel even better about your purchase knowing that Lightlife is donating $150,000 to Urban Farming in an effort to help support their mission of ending hunger by helping people become self-sustainable through the simple act of gardening.

How’s this for perspective…the Lightlife donation can help feed an estimated 50,000 people by growing approximately 25 tons of food!!!  Lightlife will be working closely with Urban Farming throughout 2012 to encourage Americans to plant their own seeds of sustainability through the simple act of gardening.

What makes this partnership even more exciting is that you can join the cause by starting your own vegetable garden. Lightlife wants to support gardening in your own home and will help you get started with a free tomato plant Starter Kit.  Lightlife will provide you with the tomato plant Starter Kit through their “Plant Our Future” ™ promotion on their Facebook page.  Simply click HERE to go to the page and request your FREE kit.  How awesome is that!?!?!?!

I sincerely hope you join the “Plant Our Future” ™ campaign by starting a garden of your own whether it be on your kitchen windowsill or in your backyard. It may sound silly, but I truly feel that there is power in gardening.  It feels wonderful to harvest your own produce…not to mention the fact that the produce you grow yourself tastes a zillion times better than anything you can buy at the grocery store.


Images of tomatoes courtesy of Flickrs The Commons

Image of tomato kit courtesy of Lightlife

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