A Welcome Addition to my Vegan Wine “Family”: Our Daily Red

Adrienne Borgersen December 12, 2013 2
A Welcome Addition to my Vegan Wine “Family”:  Our Daily Red
Yeah, that's me.

Yeah, that’s me.

I like wine. Growing up, every Sunday, my sisters, cousins and I would get juice glasses with a little wine with our extended family dinner at my Great Grandmother’s tiny apt in Brooklyn. Now, I’m not a sommelier or any kind of expert, but I know wine, in so much as I drink what I like. I like the way wine tastes with food; I like to enjoy a glass after a long day with my feet up; I like it over conversation with my friends or on a date. It’s an indulgence that makes me happy. When I became vegan, I discovered that many brands of wine are not vegan! Ugh…what??? Nooooo!!! The clarifying process traditionally uses animal products like fish intestines, shrimp shells, casein, gelatin, egg or tendons & blood (ick), rendering them not vegan.

I heart Treeline vegan cheese and it was super yummy with Our Daily Red.

I heart Treeline vegan cheese and it was super yummy with Our Daily Red.

This is not something I was willing to give up and so began my search for vegan wine. My favorite vegan restaurants in the city serve it, so I know it exists! I learned that vegan wine will be clarified with, for example bentonite, a clay powder. (Why all wineries don’t do this, I don’t know.)

Well, like any other food product, vegan or not, some are good, some not so good, some expensive, some reasonably priced. I’ve found several brands that I like, including a new one for me called, Our Daily Red.

Full disclosure, the people at Winery Exchange were kind enough to send me a couple of bottles to review. I have had the sister brand “Orleans Hill” Syrah, which is already on my list of options when I’m stocking up on reds. But I’d never tried, “Our Daily Red”.


My favorite miso soup with mushrooms & kale from Veganomicon

My favorite miso soup with soba noodles, mushrooms & kale from Veganomicon

This is a red table wine, blending cabernet sauvignon, syrah, ruby cabernet and carignan grapes. They not only use a vegan clarifying process but it’s also organic and has no detectable sulfites (learn more about sulfites here). They are reputed to aggravate allergies and migraines, however some feel that sulfites are imperative to the taste of the wine. Fortunately, I’m not in that category, and I find this to be a tasty, completely drinkable table wine!  Some reviews I’ve read describe high fruit & berry notes. I did detect dark berries, but a bit on the dry side, likely from the tannins. It reminds me of a Tempranillo. I prefer this kind of taste when paired with food, as opposed to drinking it alone. So, I experimented a bit over a few days.

I veganized my Grandma's hungarian goulash with Gardein beef tips

I veganized my Grandma’s hungarian goulash with Gardein “beefless tips”

A bite of Treeline herb & garlic vegan “cheese” spread on a cracker makes the wine’s flavor really come alive. Check!

It stood up very well with my favorite miso soup. Check!

How about Hungarian Goulash? Oh yes! A traditional version might be too rich for this wine. But it goes very nicely with this veganized, lighter version. The slight dryness of the wine balances the buttery noodles & paprika spice in the dish. Check!

Mmmmm wine & chocolate!

Mmmmm wine & chocolate!

This gives me pause. Who says vegans sacrifice anything? I’m eating goulash and drinking red wine, feeling completely decadent!

The clincher – my ultimate test of a good red wine? Chocolate! Bittersweet, dark chocolate (fair trade of course) melting with a mouthful of “Our Daily Red” was a sweet and satisfying ending to my experiment. Check!

The kicker – it sells for around $10! More than affordable especially for this entrepreneur! I work hard and would rather put money back into my business than into my wine collection. What am I saying, what collection? I buy it, I drink it. If I don’t like it, I’m not buying it again.

Our Daily Red will be coming to my family Christmas dinner and is now a welcome addition to my list of vegan options. Add it to yours!


  1. Joanne Napoli December 13, 2013 at 3:09 pm -

    I loved reading your article. I feel as if you are chatting with me over a glass of wine and vegan meal. I especially loved your reference to grandma’s tiny apartment in Brooklyn and remember those days with nostalgia. Keep posting your articles on Facebook. I really enjoyed reading this one.

  2. Adrienne Borgersen
    Adrienne Borgersen December 15, 2013 at 11:24 am -

    Thank Joanne! I love to be able to show that I can honor my precious family traditions and still stay true to my ethics.

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