Vegan Cuts: A Review

Dina April 8, 2013 0
Vegan Cuts: A Review

If you are looking for a new way to spice up your lunch box, this review may be the one for you. I was so psyched to review Vegan Cuts, who were nice enough to send me a box of goodies to review.


If you are bored of rice and quinoa, Freekeh is a nice change of carbohydrates in your meals. It has a slightly nutty taste and wonderful texture (closer to quinoa than rice in that sense). I cooked mine with some tomatoes and onions. Heavenly!

Vegan Cuts Snack Box 1YAWP

Yawp  is a nutty bar. I mean, it is crazy good and unique. It tastes delicious and combines nuts with coffee, mocha to be specific. So, it tastes yummy, nutty, crunchy, and original for having such a wonderful combination of nuts and coffee.

Nacho Bean and Rice Chips

These chips are wonderful for those who miss cheese. They taste absolutely amazing and cheesy. I even tested them on non vegans, who could not tell the difference between them and Doritos; now that is saying something! What I think is especially neat about these is that they do not taste over-processed

Bean and Rice Chips (Salt N’ Pepper)

These chips are also tasty, but beware: the pepper is strong in these ones. I am not sure why, but several of my non-vegan friends said they taste like falafels, which is strange but amusing. If you like falafels (I do!), then maybe these will be your cup of tea. Otherwise, think of trying them with some salsa to tone down the pepper.

“Veggie Go’s”

Cinnamon spiced beet  (beets, apples, sweet potatoes, flax seeds, cinnamon).  This tastes lovely, like a fruit roll up but healthier, it sounds like a bad mixture, but it tastes delicious. Warning: if you hate cinnamon, it’s not for you; but otherwise, this is a wonderful roll up to try. The flax seeds add a bit of texture and flavor to the fruit roll up.

Vegan Cuts Snack Box 2Pur Wintergreen Gum

I was impressed with this gum because it was kind of gooey without having gelatin. It also is sugar-free, gluten free, and, of course, vegan. What is also impressive about this product is that the gum does not contain aspartame, which makes the gum a healthier equivalent to other vegan-friendly gum out there.

Elis Earth Bars

Finally, let me tell you about the winner of this lunch box.  It is a real treasure.  The flavor I got was a peanut butter and caramel one. The bar that I got was crunchy sweet and has a hint saltiness. Not dark chocolate, made with dairy-free chocolate.


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