Thrive Forward Review

Jessi February 15, 2013 0
Thrive Forward Review

At the beginning of 2013, plant-based tri-athlete and author Brendan Brazier launched his latest creation, the lifestyle program Thrive Forward. Brendan, along with his team of wellness professionals, designed a program to help individuals achieve higher health and a better lifestyle, through plant-based nutrition.

The program is completely free to join and takes just three simple steps: first – sign up, second – answer a few questions to create your program, and third – Thrive! In the third and final section, you are provided with your own unique program of videos, resources, recipes, and tips to help you achieve better health in whatever areas you are looking to improve. My areas were Clean eating 101, Longevity/Anti-Aging, Mood, and Sustainability. Other options include Sex Drive/Libido, Digestion, Energy, Immune Function, Sleep, Stress, and Optimal Weight.

Each section is filled with a range of videos (sometime one, sometimes 5 or more) that focus on the specific topic. The videos start out basic and grow into more complex subject matter as the category progresses. For example, in the Clean Eating 101 section, you learn about what clean eating is, nutrients and food, allergies and sensitivities, and pH balancing your diet, just to name a few. Each of these videos also contains related handouts, recipes, and resources to help you stay on track. You can even browse through and add on the additional sections after you are finished viewing and learning from your own. I am definitely checking out the Energy and Digestion sections to see what they have to say!

I found that some of the sections, personally, were more helpful than others. For me, the Clean Eating 101 section was very much a refresher for things that I already do in my own diet. I found the more targeted sections of Longevity and Mood to be the most informative and full of new information for myself. For a plant-based newbie, someone entertaining the idea, or a complete novice, this program is very well designed and informative to start you from scratch and work you into a full-fledged plant- based junkie.

Overall, I found this website and program very interesting and useful. The videos are enjoyable and informative, and the resources provided (especially the recipes!) were all easy to use and follow. I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to start the transition into plant-based living, whether brand new to the idea, or simply looking to clean up their current vegan diet.  Give it a try, take it at your own pace, and Thrive Forward!

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