These Ducks and Geese Think Down Is a Downer

PETA February 1, 2013 0
These Ducks and Geese Think Down Is a Downer

We would have the same reaction if someone said that he or she was going to yank out all our hair: “What the pluck?!” So would ducks and geese. Here are just a few of them who want you to put down the down so that no one gets hurt:


This family of geese will refuse to add ambiance to a picturesque sunset ever again if you buy down.


This gosling is going to turn to a life of crime if you kill his mother for her feathers.


Look like ducks just sitting in a row? That’s what they want you to think. These duck intelligence operatives are hatching a plan to destroy your down comforter and make it look like an accident.


(credit: AndyRobertsPhotos|cc by 2.0)

If you wear down, these parents of quintuplets have vowed to make you watch hours of the scariest videos that they could find: Jon & Kate Plus 8.


This gosling is going to go all Gangnam Style on you if you wear down.


 These geese have vowed to make your car’s paint job sing its swan song if you buy down.


This mother and her babies are going to “forget” where they put your car keys if you plan to head to the mall to buy a down coat.

(Credit: Dirk Duckhorn|cc by 2.0)

(Credit: Dirk Duckhorn|cc by 2.0)

This duck isn’t even going to look at you if you buy down feathers.


These ducks will never play Duck, Duck, Goose with you again if you purchase down bedding.


Save ducks and geese and save yourself. Buy cruelty-free bedding and coats and leave down where it belongs.

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