Meditation 101 – Getting Started

renawren October 28, 2011 0
Meditation 101 – Getting Started

Meditation is a great way to add peace and stability to your life, or to enhance your already Zen lifestyle! People often tell me that they don’t know how to meditate or begin to still their minds. Well, meditation really is a state of mind. Meditating simply means focusing fully on what you are doing at the moment. For people with really active and busy lifestyles who have never meditated before, I recommend starting with some active meditation. Determine activities in your life that you do on a daily basis such as showering, washing dishes, driving, etc. Choose at least one of these activities one time a day to do with complete purpose and focus. For instance, if you get up and make coffee at the same time every morning, use the act of making coffee as your daily active meditation. Stand in front of the counter before you begin making the coffee and tell your mind to quiet itself. Take 3-4 deep full breaths from your belly. Then as you begin your routine of coffee making, pay extra special attention to each detail of the process. So it would look something like this:

1. Stand, quiet your mind, take 3-4 deep breaths in and out. As you breathe, inhale for 4 full seconds and exhale for 6 full seconds on each breath. Try to maintain this breathing pattern as you continue. If you like, set your intention for the day, such as “I am going to maintain a positive attitude throughout every facet of my day.”

2. As you reach for the carafe, think to yourself, “I am reaching for the carafe.”

3. Next, think, “I am filling the carafe with water. I am grateful to have running water.”

4. “I am pouring the water in the coffee maker. “

5. “I am putting the coffee grounds in the coffee maker. I am happy to have coffee to make this morning.”

6. “I am turning the coffee pot on. I am blessed to have electricity.”

7. “I am pulling my favorite coffee mug out of the cupboard.”

8. “I am pouring my coffee.”

9. “I am drinking my coffee. I am going to have a great day.”

You can apply this technique to virtually any activity. If you do so and you maintain a regular, deep breathing pattern, you give your lungs and vital organs a wonderful and much needed massage and allow your body to release toxins that clog up when you get stuck in a shallow breathing pattern.  Ready, Set, Breathe!  Stay tuned for more meditation blogs, including easy daily mantras and cleansing breaths.

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